Do you want to deepen your Inner-Work, explore Spirituality, understand Life at its core,
but you're not sure how to do so?

Do you want to understand your reactions, repetitive patterns, struggles through anger, guilt, shame, fear? You've tried different things, & nothing really seems to resolve it?

Do you want meaningful connections & relationships, but struggle to find them &, when you do find them it's like a rollercoaster ride to maintain them?

Therapy/ Coaching is probably not your thing - you might be searching for more than what these spaces can offer...

Are you seeking to create the Self-Healing space within you that enables you to be your own Coach, Therapist, Guide, allowing you to live the Life you want?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, here's your chance to do something about it - Book a call to explore where you are in your inner-work journey, where you might be stuck in life, & what could be your effective next steps.

If Alterations is for you, then you'll have the opportunity to start working with me. If not, you'll leave the call with clarity on your next steps in your journey.

ALTERATIONS is how several women, just like you, have reconnected with their inner Self-Healing capacity by learning the skills that allow them to see clearly, break out of patterns, & create the lives they want for themselves!

It teaches action-oriented women how to move out of Emotional Overwhelm, Anxiety, & Feeling Unseen, to Clarity, Wisdom, & Joy, in just 9 weeks, without getting into long-term relationships with therapists or coaches!

It's now time for you to join them!


Sanymi Gupta

"This Course & the Guide are both absolutely amazing. Would recommend the App & Alterations for anyone seeking/being called to connect with themselves & get more out of their being. This experience has shifted much more than words can express inside me. I now have simple tools & practices to guide me when I lose that sense of clarity."


Yashika Fulwani

"I think this program, Alterations came as blessing at a time when I most needed it. Perfect coach, inspiring community and hands on application of life management tools. But do remember - it is impossible to change if you don't trust and apply these learnings on a daily basis. It's rigorous yet rewarding. Give it a shot :)"

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Aakriti Jindal

"Alterations is an incredible space to really deep dive and work on your Inner-Self. I have had the pleasure to learn and work on myself through a beautifully curated step-by-step journey. The work that Shobhali does, is above and beyond. ❤️"

ALTERATIONS provides bite-sized information that is simple to understand, & easy to integrate into every day, which allows your learning to become a part of your being. This transforms your Life as you learn how to move through the healing processes to heal yourself.

It dives deep into the landscape of Your Inner World - Body, Mind, Emotions, & Beyond (Spiritual) - to dissolve core wounds, break out of repetitive intergenerational patterns, and transform limiting beliefs, & stifling stories, to live a Life full of Clarity, Wisdom, Evolution, & Joy!

What I'm noticing is that many small concepts are getting clearer for me. I always wondered how I can be wisely kind & what it means? I'm now understanding these concepts & they are staying with me, so its just not knowledge but also I'm being able to put it to practice, which is also helping me in my work, though baby steps...

As I got some clarity on one of my trigger so most of the day I was chewing on that thought, trying to bring an acceptance within me rather than getting angry on those incidents. Earlier I used to try stopping myself from thinking about the past but today I felt "Ok, my mind wants to be in those moments trying to bring in peace with them. Let it be there."

Felt very relaxed the entire day... Many past memories came to my mind & though everything has changed today, leaving scars, those scars didn't trouble me even when I thought about them. I saw the positive in those memories. I didn't feel guilty which is the biggest shift. I felt nice for having been with those people who have left me. Thanked them for good memories as well. Beautiful weekend with little anxiety about future 🥰

These are all real Women & their experiences. Some names have been hidden to preserve their privacy. These are authentic & unpaid testimonials.

Hi, my name is Shobhali.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve been a Coach, a Therapy Practitioner, a Meditation & Yoga Teacher, & a Spiritual Practitioner.

I traversed the path from Coaching to Practicing Therapy to Spirituality, because as a Coach & a Therapy Practitioner I realized there was more to the healing work.

19 (2).jpg

And that’s when I stumbled upon some ancient spiritual practices which, they say, come from powerful mother lineages - knowledge that has been passed down from woman to woman. These practices show us a direct path to reconnect to our self-healing capacity, and to understand the deeper truth of life.

I have brought together my learning from these practices, along with my decade long experience of having worked with several women just like you & me, into a 9-week program called Alterations that has been creating Life-Shifting Transformations for women around the world!


Alterations follows Reconnect-Heal-Grow model, which is a unique system to realize & let go of all that holds you back, in both the mind & the body. There are three modules, of three-weeks each:

Module 1 - Reconnect

  • Week 1: Language of the Body
    Basics of the Breath
    Complete Breath
    Full Embodiment


  • Week 2: Nourishment & Support
    Elemental Understanding
    Experiencing the "subtle energies"
    Connecting with Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space
    Ancestral Connections (of Body's Lineage)
    Ancestral Connections (of Spiritual Lineage)
    Nourished & Supported


  • Week 3: The True Essence of Life
    Awareness of Awareness
    Behind the Meditator
    Expanding the Senses
    Being Awareness
    The Flow
    True Essence

Module 2 - Heal

  • Week 4: Healing the Body
    The Three Ps
    Listening in to the Pains
    Heal, Heal, Heal
    Splurge, Spoil, Pamper
    Listen, Respect, Flow
    A new relationship

    Do nothing, Be nothing

  • Week 5: Attachment & Relationships
    The Scenery
    Attachment Wounds & Lost Children
    Attachment Wounds & Troubled Teens
    Soothing the Lost & Troubled
    Towards a Secure Attachment
    Weaving Secure Interconnections
    Healing is Me


  • Week 6: Stories & Beliefs
    Everything is a Story
    Rework Love
    Rework Money
    Rework Work
    My Worth
    My Life 
    A Meaningful Story

Module 3 - Grow

  • Week 7: Projections & Mirrors
    Acting Out, Acting In
    Oxygen Mask

    Actor vs Observer
    The Scene

  • Week 8: Collectives of Trauma & Healing
    The Collective
    Collective Trauma
    Healing Me to We
    3-tiered Listening

    The Music
    Collective Understanding


  • Week 9: World, here I come!
    Celebrate & Prepare
    Taking Stock
    Energy Medicine Work
    Coming into State
    Mind Hindrances

    I see me



While there is no other program out there which offers an amalgamation of such powerful coaching tools, therapeutic modalities, & spiritual practices - and this in itself is its beauty - I believe, its real beauty is in the fact that:

The course teaches & guides you to understand & take care of your
Physical Body - food, movement, workout, rest, & sleep
Subtle Energy Body - energy cycles, chakras, elements, & breath
Mind - its beliefs, stories, habits, & hindrances
Emotions - the highs & the lows, the drowning & the droughts, the seeing & accepting
Spiritual Self - connecting with Ancestors, going Beyond the Meditator, & understanding our True Essence
You learn ALL of this in an integrated way that doesn't seem like "extra" work. Everything in the course is created to allow you to infuse the practices in your day-to-day life, & see your life shift & transform as every day goes by!

Each live Guidance session helps you cut through layers of you, enabling you to see through the struggles & confusion.

How Neha experienced one-on-one Guidance sessions with me:

"You enabled a holistic and a wholesome healing space for me with a right mix and balance of head, heart, body and soul. The beauty of the work you did with me lied in the fact that the ownership of my growth and learning stayed with me, while you played a role of a guide and an anchor.

I have witnessed more than expected shifts in myself and my understanding of spirituality and its practices. To be precise, my work with you has put me on a different path altogether and has opened several doors that remain to be explored."


Allow yourself to experience deep shifts & transformations!