My name is Shobhali

I live at the powerful nexus of Coaching, Therapeutic Practices, & Spirituality, as an Inner-Work Guide.

My Dharma - my Position in the Universe - is to guide Women who are Ready to Seek Deep, to go deeper into their Inner-World, & live Life with Clarity, Wisdom, & Joy!


I believe women, when we choose to, can go into the depths of our Being,
& truly understand Life at its core, beyond what meets the eye.

Ever since I can remember, since I was a little girl, I would always ponder, “There has to be more to Life than just this - school, college, job, marriage, kids.” I understood even back then that all of this is a part of Life - and yet, somewhere within me I knew there has to be more than just this.

This pondering ensured I kept seeking for “more than just this”.

I got into the space of people development more than a decade back. I began as a teacher to young children, a mentor to young adults, & eventually a Fulfillment Coach.

Through Coaching adults, from various walks of life, I began to realize that everyone is hurting - we all have Core Wounds deep down inside that, when manifested in our day-to-day life, take the form of mental blocks, limiting mindsets, repetitive patterns, emotional outbursts, &/ disconnection, etc.

This realization drew me to Therapy. Luckily for me, I didn’t take the academic route to learning Therapy (you can see why I say this

The route that I did take, took me deeper into myself than I’d ever gone with Coaching. As a therapy practitioner, working with “clients” (I don’t really like that term!), I soon realized that while Therapy uses some amazing tools, the space itself can seem to become a crutch very soon coz of the dependence it creates on the Therapist!

Around the same time I was also going deeper into Spirituality. As the Universe would have it, I came across some very powerful Ancient Spiritual practices that draw from some of the oldest lineages, often called the Mother Lineages. This was a game changer. While I always “knew it” in theory, it was only when I began practicing in these lineages that it became my lived experience - ALL that I need - Safety, Connection, Love, Belonging, Growth, Evolution - it all exists within me! And so I don’t really “need” any of these, I just need to reconnect with them, they already exist in me!

Funny thing is, once you reconnect with them within you, they all begin to manifest in your “outer” world! And so your outer world gets nourished, as if, on its own, magically!


When this happened for me, it was as if I became a Manifester! I would want something in Life, & then it would get created in the world for me - and the creation would seem, in many ways, effortless. Of course, nothing is effortless! When something “feels” effortless it basically means that you enjoy the effort, the effort is no more a chore for you, & so it “feels” effortless.


Manifestation is not woo woo if you understand what it means. Manifestation is not "magic", though it sure feels like magic! We are all manifesting all the time! Yes, everyone. The difference is, some people are conscious of it, & so are able to manifest what they want; while others are unconscious about it, & so their unconscious manifests what it wants. When you're aware of Yourself, you get the much needed Clarity. Once Clarity enters, you enter the domain of manifestation. Manifestation is nothing but when the inner & outer align, as the unconscious loses its control since you're now conscious of it.

Now, you see, to create all this, to become a Manifester, I didn’t go to a Coach or a Therapist or a Counselor. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with going to any of them - I’ve been “them”! However, in my understanding, these spaces are more temporary relief spaces. For deep & lasting transformation you need to go deeper than that. And that only YOU can do for YOU. No one else can do it. Others can support this journey of yours, they can guide you if they’ve walked the path before you, but YOU have to do the work.

This brought in the clarity of my Dharma - my position in the Universe - of being an Inner-Work Guide, at the nexus of Coaching, Therapeutic Practices, & Spirituality, to guide those who are ready to take responsibility of their Self-Healing Journey.


As I walked, & guided, on this Self-Healing Path, I came across a Special Tribe of Women who wanted to go Deeper. They wanted to Understand the nuances into the ways of the Body, Mind, Emotions, & Spirituality. They were not "okay" with the status-quo because somewhere deep down within them they too knew there was more to Life than just this! They were trying to figure out themselves, others in their circles, world events, & life itself! And, while they may not have known clearly, what they really wanted was to live with deep Clarity, Wisdom, & Joy.

Thus, Depth Seekers was born, for Women Ready to Seek Beyond, as a space that would teach them, guide them, & support them in the most integrated, holistic, & simplest of ways!

You don't need to meditate for hours everyday, or depend on someone else, to live a Sacred Life of deep Inner-Wisdom, Purpose, & Expansiveness.

In today’s world, a lot of us understand the value of inner-work. A lot of us want to break free from our limiting patterns, mindsets, beliefs & stories. And yet, despite all the available information in the world, literally on your finger tips, it’s often easy to get lost in the information overload, & the day-to-day of life, especially with no guidance &/ support.

The intention behind Depth Seekers is to serve as a space for all those women who want to go deep in their inner work journey - healing, understanding, exploring, evolving - despite the demands of their daily life. A space where they are guided in the most effective & efficient way to learn, understand, heal, grow, & transform.

Everything here is designed to be simple to follow, bite-sized to digest, no matter how hectic your life is - provided you choose to show up for You.

If you’re a depth seeking woman, what you just read would have resonated with you, you would have felt the calling somewhere within you. If so, come join the tribe, we await with open hearts to see you, hear you, support you, & walk along with you!

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  • Mind Creates Reality: Path of Liberation Level 1, with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

  • Wisdom & Bodhicitta Retreats, with Geshe Damdul La

  • Mahabharata Immersion Workshop

  • Shamanic & other Earth-based practices

  • 10 Day Vipassana Meditation (Silent) Retreats

  • Jeevanvidya Workshops

  • 10-month solo backpack across 27 Indian states

  • Long Fasts (on only water) - 10 days, 21 days

  • General Psychiatric Management for Borderline Personality Disorder, Harvard Medical School

  • Grief Counseling Training, University of Maryland

  • Gender Affirmative Therapy Training with SIMmersion

  • Diploma in Nalanda Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology, Tibet House, Delhi

  • Sivananda lineage-based Yoga Teacher Training

  • Principles of Collective Trauma Healing Training, under Thomas Hubl, Academy of Inner Science

  • Ancestor Lineage Healing, with Ancestral Medicine

  • Foundations of Tantrik Yoga, with Tantrika Institute

  • Integral Somatic Psychology, Module 1, under Dr. Raja Selvam’s associate, Dr. Mimansa Poppat

  • Arts Based Therapy Practitioner Training, under Vikram Sinha

  • Non-violent communication (NVC) in close relationships, with Sudha Shankar & Gesine

  • Hypnotherapy - 1, Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy

  • Professional Coach Training, Coach For Life, USA

  • Social, Emotional, & Ethical Learning (SEEL) Facilitator Training, Emory University

  • Psychology (Hons.), JMC, Delhi University

  • Immersive Inner-Child Work

  • In-depth Jungian Psychology (Shadow Work, Anima/ Animus)

  • Internal Family Systems & Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) Therapy modalities - through self work

  • Research Associate at Center for Attachment Research, The New School, New York

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